nazzy Labs is a leading publication of consumer technology reviews and news that has distributed content to over 30 million people around the world.



Snazzy Labs an audience we’ve spent years growing.  Over 35,000 subscribers that live in more than 150 countries,  primarily male, ages 18-24, tech savvy and fashion oriented.



Snazzy Labs videos have been referenced by major blogs, have been spotted on Reddit/Digg, and have been embedded in over 90,000 Web sites in over 60 different languages.



Snazzy Labs is both respected and notorious for being brutally honest when it comes to product reviews—all flaws and shortcomings are made apparent to bring an honest, unbiased review.



Unlike many other content creators, Snazzy Labs’s audience isn’t consolidated on a single network.  We have amassed a large following across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and other leading social platforms.



As a business driven on human interaction, Snazzy Labs finds it imperative to maintain communication between clients and viewers.  We respond to email and phone calls as quickly as we can to maintain a professional, but human bond between the masses.

Quinn Nelson is the founder and operator of Snazzy Labs. A 19-year-old entrepreneur, his passion for technology has always pushed him to excel towards the unifying of modern and classic media. Ever since his first Bondi Blue iMac G3 at age 5, his fascination with the latest and greatest in tech has grown tenfold. Quinn founded Snazzy Labs in 2008 as a hobby, later realizing its market penetration and viability as a real media outlet. In March 2010, Quinn pushed ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy videos to over 15 video Web sites increasing view numbers by 1,800% and distributing to more than 148 countries. Quinn enjoys the college life at the University of Utah, wakeboarding, skiing, golfing, reading, ladies, drumming, piano, and singing.

Snazzy Labs has been delivering honest technology reviews and news to a diverse audience since 2008. Our audience remains loyal and involved, and we have the facts to prove it. Unfortunately, many other tech reviewers and news Web sites will use false analytics and “facts” to exaggerate their actual viewer base. We are very closely monitored by Google, and have analytics that are accurate within 10%. This will help prove to you our effectiveness and market penetration. Don’t believe people and companies that promise a possibly erroneous viewer base. Demand to ask for analytics. If you would like analytics for our different media outlets, please contact me and I would be more than happy to provide you with the numbers.

  • ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy

    ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy (TSIG) was our flagship project released back in 2008. Started by Quinn Nelson, the motive was to bring entertaining, impromptu, honest tech reviews to the Internet. Though the first several videos received less than 10 views per piece, Quinn Nelson stayed persistent on making the channel a success, and after 3 years, it can be proclaimed as such, with over 35 million video views served to people in over 150 countries. YouTube is still the main network, and remains the most valuable property for TSIG and Snazzy Labs, however, TSIG videos are now published to 15 other video networks on the web—amongst which are: Vimeo, Boxee, Vizio, Roku, Sony BIVL, SamsungTV, DivX TV, TiVo, PopBox, iTunes, AOL Video, Mefeedia, Blinkx, VodPod, and blip.tv.
  • Headphone Mecca

    Headphone Mecca was created in February of 2012 by Quinn Nelson designed to bring a definitive guide to finding headphones. Unlike other headphone/audio Web sites, Headphone Mecca is designed for people that want to improve sound without having to upgrade players, amplifiers, etc. Headphone Mecca is stocked with efficient headphones that fit all music types. Design, photography, and simplicity is the goal of Headphone Mecca, and it delivered by bringing in nearly 250,000 page views in the first 72 hours. It has been mentioned on Head-Fi, Reddit, and other prestigious Web sites.
  • Unorganized Ramblings

    Unorganized Ramblings is a weblog utilized by Quinn Nelson that was created on November 26, 2011. Looking for a way to informally communicate with his audience, Quinn Nelson originally utilized the Calepin platform which allows for Dropbox publishing via Markdown files. In January of 2012, the site was moved to the SquareSpace Web site platform. This site is not monetized, nor will it ever be—it’s merely a way to publish more extensive and thorough content that could not be achieved through the likes of Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

    TRDD.US was a link shortener developed by Forrest Labbe, and launched in early 2010 under the Snazzy Labs brand name as a public link shortener. The slogan “Simply Shorten” holds true to its name. The Web site is fast, ad-free, and nothing to appease the eyes, but it works. A redesign was done in July of 2011 to speed up the site, and the URL shortener puts out some of the shortest links available, with face-meltingly fast redirects. A complete restructuring of the service to compete with services like CloudApp was announced in September 2011, but has since been put on a hold. The project is planned to be reinstated at a future date; however, no timeline has been provided.
  • Snazzy.FM (Defunct)

    Snazzy.FM was formally announced October 22, 2011, and was designed to bring top-quality audio podcasts to a large medium of people. Focused on tech, the network was launched to give smaller content producers the opportunity to publish and gain recognition under the Snazzy Labs brand name. Though only a few months old, Snazzy.FM picked up swift traction by reaching over 65,000 show downloads per week. A unique advertising method was implemented promising results, by offering a 100% refund to any advertising partners that were not happy with the results. Unlike TSIG videos, Snazzy.FM was a coalition of many technology enthusiasts that brought new in-depth thoughts to not just tech news, but also ethics, politics, business strategies, and more. The network was closed and sold in February of 2012 after Quinn Nelson announced his LDS Mission. Some shows have been revamped on other podcast networks in past months.
  • Snazzy Labs News (Defunct)

    Quinn Nelson acquired the domain name for Snazzy Labs (which had been registered by someone else since 2008), and wanted to do something with it. His motive was to try and separate traditional journalism from the world of technology. He found that so many different tech blogs simply re-publish undigested stories from other sites without providing any insight on the actual news. Snazzy Labs News was formally announced on September 4, 2011, and was launched two weeks after. The site was designed to not only report the news, but also to analyze it, and provide historic proof and trends to help predict the future. The site did incredibly well reaching in excess of 15,000 visits per day. One day after the announcement of the iPhone 4S, Snazzy Labs News announced that they would be giving away a phone to a reader—the contest ended October 14, 2011, and the winner received his phone shortly thereafter. The site although successful, didn’t have many writers, and was left in the dark following the announcement of Snazzy.FM. The project is being reworked, and will be re-released at a future date.
  • Snazzy.FM (Defunct)

    90SecondTech was a YouTube channel that started in February of 2011 to condense what was being reviewed on TSIG into a 90-second video with professional videography and voiceover—designed to serve a larger market. The videos were hugely successful, producing 10,000-20,000 views per piece, but only about 10 videos were published as they yielded way too much time consumption, and detracted from the main focus of TSIG. 90SecondTech was left untouched for months. The channel underwent complete redesign/branding, prior videos were removed, and was re-opened in August of 2011 to serve a different purpose. The “All New 90ST” was launched September 1, 2011 and was designed to deliver a professionally scripted and rehearsed synopsis of tech news for the day. Hank Wu scripted the show, and Quinn Nelson starred in the videos. The M-F show produced good view numbers, and received a positive response from the audience, but the show interfered with TSIG, as well as Quinn Nelson‘s college work-load, and he was not able to continue producing. 90SecondTech was officially closed on September 23, 2011.
  • TekSocial/ReviewHQ (Defunct)

    After noticing that many small technology reviewers were finding their way into the spotlight to be rather difficult, Quinn Nelson founded TekSocial in April 2010. The basis of the YouTube channel was to create a community wherein videos from different reviewers seeking exposure would be uploaded to help them receive feedback and critique from other reviewers to help improve the quality of their work. Unfortunately, the project was launched prematurely, and a streamlined system for content uploading was not established, making publishing nearly impossible. Additionally, the name TekSocial conflicted with David DiFranco‘s TekSocial—a similar project. Quinn Nelson abandoned the project shortly after launch. ReviewHQ was a project very similar to TekSocial with better implementation that was announced by Quinn Nelson in July 2011. An overwhelmingly deprecative response towards the network was developed, and legal issues behind multi-user publishing on YouTube were violated, which caused the network to be shut down just hours after announcement.
  • Unlimited Case (Defunct)

    In early 2009, Snazzy Labs Founder, Quinn Nelson, saw the gravitational pull towards the mobile accessory market. Devices were so gorgeous, but they weren’t robust and needed protection—new YouTube reviewers were popping up like sore thumbs reviewing the latest and greatest accessories. In April of 2009, after months of site design, Unlimited Case was opened for business. Sales were not great due to the limited selection, and the site was shut down for a more professional layout and redesign to suit a commerce platform. After three months of laborious design, Unlimited Case v2 opened in October of 2009 with over 2,200 products. None of these products were carried in house; however, and margins were extremely low. The distributor Unlimited Case worked with was sub-par, and fulfilling orders became too much work for too little payoff. Unlimited Case was not promoted and was left alone for 6 months. In early April of 2010, Quinn Nelson gave the commerce site a last shot. Redesign took less than a month; however, unrecoverable Web site database corruption occurred the day of official launch, and the site was indefinitely closed to focus on TSIG.

        Product Review

Snazzy Labs is infamous for its brutally honest product reviews.  If you’re a company looking to see if your product can hold up to our tests, send it our way!  We do not accept payments or bribes for reviews, and we will publish a review no matter how we like/dislike your product.  You will not have the opportunity to control the content of the review.  This is the most respected way to place your product amongst our audience, and it’s also the most low-cost (just the price of your product and shipping to our headquarters); however, it is the most risky.  If your product sucks, we’re going to let everyone know.  :)


       Paid Advertisement

This is the pricier, yet more effective way to place your product into the Snazzy Labs workflow continuum.  For $1,200 per month, we will place a 10 second pre-roll advertisement for your product/service/company at the beginning of every video.  Your advertisement will permanently stay on the videos we publish, and they will reach to hundreds of thousands of people.  The CPM rate is far lower than Google Adsense at less than $.00123 per impression.  There are restrictions for this type of review, however.  We will not accept you as a sponsor if we have previously reviewed one of your company’s products, nor will we publish a review on your company’s product, if you have been a past sponsor.  We need to remain 100% objective!

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